Ancestral Organics: Company Profile


Who We Are

Welcome to Ancestral Organics. We are natural-balance restorers developing innovative superfoods based on regenerative agriculture in Colombia. Our conscious products flourish through a socially-conscious business model that simultaneously promotes your health and the planet’s. We provide transformed products as raw ingredients and snacks that regenerate our soil, enable the mitigation of climate change, promote biodiversity, boost water preservation, and generate farmer dignity all while restoring the perfect balance of nature. Through reigniting the spark of ancestral wisdom, we are moving forward by going back.




How We Do It



Through Regenerative Agriculture,

We Change the World

Our mission is to leave the world a better place than how we found it. This includes the soil beneath us which is rapidly becoming less fertile and productive. We implement regenerative agriculture practices to do just that-- regenerate the soil and permit it to grow more fertile, robust and resilient to produce healthier, nutrient-dense food for us.